Store Hours


We’re open!

Tuesday to Friday: 11 to 7
Saturday: 11 to 5

We remained operational despite impacts from COVID-19. Now we have evolved further, to make it easier to get your chocolate fix. Of course, we still welcome emailonline and phone orders, for pickup or prompt delivery.

Front-of-store, curbside ordering and pick-up can be accommodated whenever we’re open. Just ring the front door-bell (which is disinfected after every visit with 80% alcohol). Then we’ll come to the door wearing a mask, get the details of your order, and pack it while you wait outside. And payment is now touch-free — just tap your card.
We invite you to visit the shop in person. It’s an incomparable sensory experience that can effect you in wonderful, powerful and surprising ways, with glorious scents that waft out whenever the door opens. And in the meantime, if you’re nervous (as we all are) you can still experience the sensation of chocolate bliss, you can make an order remotely, and have our chocolates delivered right to your home.