About Us

Photo of the founders.

Belgian Chocolate Shop founders Patricia Cohrs and the late Eric Smets in 1998.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s Beaches community, The Belgian Chocolate Shop is the favorite destination for discerning chocolate lovers. Established in 1984 by Patricia Cohrs and the late Eric Smets, the Belgian Chocolate Shop creates outstandingly exquisite chocolates in the authentic and time-honoured tradition of Belgian master chocolatiers. Crafted by hand on the premises, their chocolates are created with only the purest ingredients; fresh butter, real cream, premium liqueurs, the finest nuts. From the divine Truffe to the delightfully zesty Citron, each chocolate is a perfect work of art for the eye, as well as a blissfully delectable taste experience.

After nearly four decades of dedicated handcrafting, owner Patricia Cohrs is still just as passionate about the chocolate she loved as a child in Belgium. Every year, she journeys back to Belgium to reconnect with her roots and be inspired by ancient techniques and new trends. It’s no wonder her chocolates are beloved by so many!

Weddings and other celebrations in life are made that much more memorable with the addition of delights from The Belgian Chocolate Shop. And, for the ultimate in luxury, the Belgian Chocolate shop offers its decadent chocolate fountain by request. Order online or drop into the boutique for some chocolate indulgence.