Frequently Asked Questions

Photo of Belgian Chocolate Shop front window with touch-free pickup pillar

What has changed in light of current public health responsibilities?  We evolved!

It’s not new that we have always prided ourselves on extremely meticulous hygiene in every step of production, throughout the shop, and we are now even more vigilant and rigorous and facilitating touch-free interactions as possible.
In consideration of our customers and staff’s’ health, we suggest that in-person visits are limited to two customers at a time  We still welcome and encourage phone, email and online orders, and can have them ready for in-shop pickup, touch-less pickup or delivery in a flash.

How can I order and get chocolates? Online, phone, email, and in-person

We’re still welcoming orders by email or online or by calling (416) 691-1424. Your order will be carefully prepared and packed promptly for easy in-shop pickup, curb-side pickup or delivery.

Window shopping? Yes indeed! Right from the sidewalk

At special times of the year, we have seasonal displays in our front window that allow you to see the price and name of each seasonal item, so you can make your selection right from the sidewalk. During those periods, if we’re not swamped, you can even call us from outside and point at the things you want, we’ll fill your order as quickly as possible. We’ve even had people take pictures of their choices from the window and email them to us.

Pickup or delivery: which is best to reduce risk?

Anytime something is shipped, the item likely passes through several vehicles,  locations and hands, although all our shippers use industry-leading processes. Still, if possible, we recommend picking up your chocolates at our shop: you can use our outdoor, store-front, touch-less, curb-side option to most effectively minimize risk. And that fresh air and exercise deserves an extra chocolate reward.

Do we ship locally and long-distance? Yes!

You can get a bountiful selection of our fine chocolates carefully packaged and shipped almost anywhere: all our shipping costs are based on weight, size of parcel and the recipient’s postal code. We do our best to find you the best rate with Canada Post or UPS. We can ship worldwide. Feel free to email or call for a quote.

About Our Chocolates: Exquisite, pure perfection

Nothing but the finest and the freshest ingredients are used to guarantee the consistent quality and freshness of our chocolates at the Belgian Chocolate Shop. As no preservatives or artificial flavorings are used, we recommend that you keep your chocolates in a cool, dry place and enjoy them within ten days of purchase.

Do you have any longer-lasting chocolates? Yes

There’s two dozen of our most treasured chocolates that can maintain their exceptional freshness for up to three weeks. Please specify your preference on the order form, or when speaking to us.

Are Your Chocolates Gluten-free? Yes

Yes. Every single one of our chocolates is gluten free.

About our alcohol-filled chocolates: a small amount of research has suggested that gluten is not completely destroyed by the process of distillation, so please be advised that Scotch is manufactured by fermenting grain which contains gluten. Due to the presence of gluten in the whiskey components before distillation, we cannot absolutely guarantee that there are no effects to coeliacs. As we are not qualified to give medical advice, persons requiring a gluten-free diet should consult their medical adviser before consuming our Scotch or Irish Cream chocolates.

Which chocolates are Vegan? Many

Many, but not all of our chocolates are vegan: specifically, vegans love our Cerise, Massepain, Menthe, Animaux Dark, Coeur Dark, Eventail, Orangette and Gingembre. In addition, we have 100-gram bar and our COVID survival kits can be vegan, as well as seasonal items, such as dark chocolate figurines.

Food Allergies

We can not guarantee the presence or absence of trace elements of any nuts, spices or dairy products. If you have food allergies we suggest you consult your doctor before you purchase any Belgian Chocolates.

Do you ship in summer? Yes

In the summer, environmental conditions, temperatures, shipping volumes, potential delays, and distance all factor in to the likelihood of the delivery being affected. Please contact the shop to discuss options and availability. We want to ensure that you get your chocolates in perfect condition!

Where Are You Located? Right by the Beach

We are located in the beautiful, and historic Beaches area of Toronto, at 2455 Queen Street East, at the east end of the boardwalk.

When is the shop open?Tuesday to Saturday

We’re open from Tuesday to Saturday, and are closed on Sunday and Monday

Tuesday to Friday: 11 to 7
Saturday: 11 to 5
(Rare exceptions may occur).