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    Choose as many as you would like of our Classic Collections of exquisite Belgian Chocolates from the four box sizes below:
    The 250g Classic Collection ($35.00CDN) has 18-20 chocolates per box:

    The 500g Classic Collection ($70.00CDN) has 36-40 chocolates per box:

    The 750g Classic Collection ($105.00CDN) has 54-60 chocolates per box:

    The 1kg Classic Collection ($140.00CDN) has 72-80 chocolates per box:

    Because our chocolates are all made with the finest, freshest ingredients, they're best consumed within ten days, and these are what's included in our Classic boxes. We also have a longer-lasting selection that can remain at its peak for three weeks or more.
    Classic 10-day chocolatesLong-lasting three-week+ chocolates

    Choose from our two Chocolate Survival Kits, that provide peak quarantine comfort for up to six months.
    Our Extensive-Care Chocolate Survival Kit ($70.00CDN):

    Our Compact Chocolate Survival Kit ($50.00CDN):

    Gift certificates are available by dollar value or by weight.


    Request any of our seasonal specialties or unusual items that are not listed.

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