Mother’s Day Chocolate

Photo of Queen Bee box 20 chocs, for $49.95

Queen Bee box includes 20 of our fresh, hand-made chocolates, $49.95 (act fast, we have very few of this package)

Every mother feels the love you send when they receive any of our mouth-watering delicacies.

And our chocolates are not just for mothers, they’re equally deserved by everyone who loves their mom, and everyone who misses their mom. And you can always give yourself a gift knowing your mom would like you to feel the love too.

Choose from one of our four most popular sized gift boxes, or customize your order, using the special instructions area in the order form to make the selection exactly to taste. The two heart-shaped boxes are not listed as an option on our order form below, so please mention that you’d like these in the “special instructions” area of the form.

Here’s to moms, and to everyone who ever loved their mom!

This $29.95 pastel heart box includes 10 of our fine, artisanal chocolates (we have very few of this heart-box package)


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Choose as many as you would like of our Classic Collections of exquisite Belgian Chocolates from the four box sizes below:
The 250g Classic Collection ($32.00CDN) has 18-20 chocolates per box:

The 500g Classic Collection ($64.00CDN) has 36-40 chocolates per box:

The 750g Classic Collection ($96.00CDN) has 54-60 chocolates per box:

The 1kg Classic Collection ($130.00CDN) has 72-80 chocolates per box:

Choose from our two Chocolate Survival Kits, available for a limited time only, and both provide incomparable quarantine comfort.
Our Extensive-Care Chocolate Survival Kit ($69.95CDN):

Our Compact Chocolate Survival Kit ($50.00CDN):

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You can use the “special instructions” area to request customization, and you are always welcome to phone us directly with your order at (416) 691-1424

Our specially Mother’s Day gift-wrapped 250g box is available for $32.00

Photo of Extensive Care Chocolate Survival Kit with all the contents showing

Our Extensive Care Chocolate Survival Kit is available for a limited time for $69.95

Photo of an open box of our Chocolate Survival Kit

Our $50.00 Choco-COVID Survival Kit contains: four chocolate bars (dark or milk or a combination); two bags of chocolate drops (same); and one mini box with two surprise chocolates.