Easter Chocolate 2020

Dear Customers, Clients & Friends:
Many Easter items are already sold out, but I’m still able to provide many of our exquisite bunnies and our individual chocolates. Our popular, and decorative papier mâché eggs — brimming with our chocolates —  are also available, but only the small and medium sizes.
I can take online/email and phone orders only, for delivery, and potentially by appointment.
Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Despite the current health crises, our exquisite chocolate essentials are still available!

I”m committed to helping everyone shelter in place, and maintain physical distance, while still having Easter essentials. Only phone and email ordering is available – there’s no in-store shopping, but you can pick up your treats outside the shop, or the delicacies can be delivered, wherever possible.

I’m a one-woman show right now, but that means you get my decades of experience and artistry in every order. But I also request that you be patient, and understand that it’s far from “business as usual” for me. And I still really want to contribute to making sure your self quarantine is as quarantasty as possible.

Stay healthy!

Patricia Cohrs

How to order:

Make your selections from items in the photos below, and carefully note which items you want (specifically, by name on the tag (if possible) and the quantity. Please make sure you include your name, phone number, and address so I can contact you when your order is ready.

All eggs and nests are sold out, except our bunnies and papier Mâché eggs, shown below.

Email your request to sogood@belgianchocolateshop.ca or phone the shop at (416) 691-1424

Chocolate Eggs, Baskets and Bunnies

Click on any of the photos below to get a closer look at some of the items that await your enjoyment and indulgence. These are photos from inside the shop, we don’t have sophisticated e-commerce options yet, but I know you understand we’ve doing our very best under the circumstances.

Photo of chocolate bunnies at the Belgian Chocolate Shop, Toronto

A selection of our small and medium chocolate bunnies (you can click on the photo to open a bigger image where you can see most of the prices and names, and choose which ones to order by phone or email).

Photo of two large, wrapped bunnies at Toronto's Belgian Chocolate Shop

Two of our biggest chocolate bunnies, wrapped and ready to be delivered to you

Retro German Easter Eggs

Photo of retro, traditional German Papier Mache Easter Eggs, that hold our chocolates

Three sizes of our hand-crafted, retro, traditional German Papier Mâché Easter Egg, that carefully contain our exquisite Belgian chocolates. Large size is sold out

Photo of retro, traditional German Papier Mache Easter Egg, with chocolates inside

Hand-made, traditional German Papier Mâché Easter Egg with our Belgian chocolates inside come in three sizes (large size is sold out)

We have unique, traditional German Papier Mâché Easter Eggs. These are handcrafted, and decorated with vintage motifs of bunnies, flowers and springtime. Choose from three sizes:

  • 12 cm German egg with  9 easter chocolates for $16.95
  • 15 cm German egg with  12 easter chocolates for $19.95
  • 18 cm German egg with  15 easter chocolates for $22.95 SOLD OUT

Choc-covid-19 Survival Kit

Photo of an open box of our Chocolate Survival Kit

Our Belgian Chocolate Choco-covid Survival Kit

Here’s a selection of the essentials to make your isolation infinitely more bearable.
$50.00, including:
  • 4 chocolate bars (dark or milk or combination)
  • 2 bags of chocolate drops (same)
  • 1 mini box with 2 surprise chocolates.