Christmas Chocolates

Our Christmas and seasonal specialties are now available, with more to come. We suggest you order soonest: some quantities may be limited as the holidays approach.

Despite the current health crisis and evolving lockdowns, our seasonal favourites and exquisite chocolate essentials are still available. All hand-made, with only the freshest ingredients, creating an oasis of continuity and comfort for every chocolate lover.

We’re committed to helping everyone shelter in place, and maintain physical distance, while still enjoying the finest Christmas treats. At the moment, we allow two people in the store at a time, but this may change as conditions evolve.

We suggest online, phone and email ordering: you can then pick up your treats outside our front door, or the delicacies can be delivered right to you.

Personal pickup is preferred by many of our customers because the fewest hands touch the packaging of your treasured treats. We love having the opportunity to see you, too, even at a distance!

In addition to the photos here, we will also be having a display in the front window of a huge array of mouth-watering specialties, with names and prices, so you can see and choose exactly what you want.

After your order is placed and confirmed, you can even call us when you arrive outside, and we’ll bring your order right to your waiting hands, whether on the sidewalk or in your car.

How to order:

Make your selections from items in the photos below, and carefully note which items you want (specifically, by name on the tag (if possible) and the quantity. Our order form has an open text field for you to specify your seasonal choices. You can also email your request to or phone the shop at (416) 691-1424. Please make sure you include your name, phone number, and address so I can contact you when your order is ready.

Chocolate figurines for Christmas, from the Belgian Chocolate Shop, Toronto.

Christmas figurines in hand made Belgian Chocolate. Click or zoom in on the image to see the prices and and names to help choose and order.


Photo of several multi-coloured decorative, circular tins of Christmas chocolates from the Belgian Chocolate Shop in Toronto.

Brighten the shorter days with our whimsical and festive tins, brimful with hand-made Christmas chocolates from the Belgian Chocolate Shop. They come in two sizes, a few patterns and various colours. The small 2″ tin has six chocolates for $14.95, and the larger 4″ tin has 10 chocolates for $25.95.


Chocolate Clusters

Photo of Nut Clusters in packages at the Belgian Chocolate Shop in Toronto

Our irresistible clusters juxtapose heavenly milk or dark chocolate with the unmistakeably satisfying crunch of premium nuts. A package of ten clusters is $16.95 and comes in your choice of milk, dark or a mix of both.


Chocolate Frisbees

Photo of Belgian Chocolate Shop's Chocolate "frisbees" with dark chocolate in the foreground and milk chocolate in the background

Put a fresh spin on the holidays with our 6.5″ diameter Christmas frisbees. Choose from milk, dark or vegan versions, for only $29.95 each.


Advent Calendars

Two advent calendars in fabric, with pockets for every day, filled with filled with chocolates from Belgian Chocolate Shop.

Reusable, festive fabric advent calendars brighten any room, and every face, with a pocket for each day of advent, each filled with an exquisite, hand-made Belgian chocolate. Approximately 50cm height, each calendar is $52.95.


Chocolate Balls

Bright, brilliant, seasonal spheres hold eight chocolates each from the Belgian Chocolate shop for only $18.95

Bright, brilliant, seasonal spheres conceal even brighter delectable delights within, with eight of our hand made Belgian Chocolates, for only $18.95 per ball.